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A Rainy Day at Longwood Gardens

On Saturday I took a drive to Longwood Gardens. Before leaving the house I asked Alexa what the weather would be for the day, and she politely told me it would be mostly cloudy. A perfect day for photographing flowers - right?

Wrong! What I should have asked was what the weather would be in Kennett Square, PA. If I had adjusted my weather forecast for the 135 miles between my house and Longwood Gardens I would have found out that it would be raining - all day.

A quick stop at Walgreens to pick up two umbrellas and we were ready to enjoy the day. Thankfully the rain kept a lot of people home on a Saturday during tulip season, although I must admit balancing an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other did prove to be challenging.

However as we walked along the path to the gazebo and I saw this shot it made the rainy day worthwhile. The rain saturating the cement on the gazebo mixing with the haze from the steady downpour and the misty Spring green colors of the foliage just starting to appear made a somewhat soggy day magical.

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