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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Well, our cruise has almost come to an end. Sadly we must pack our bags tonight, as we'll be arriving in Venice tomorrow where we'll spend the night in Murano, and start our long trip home. It's with mixed emotions that I'm leaving Europe. We saw so many beautiful sights, and I'm going home with thousands of images, but I just had to share this one with you before I start processing them once I get home.

We went to Krka National Park from our port in Split, Croatia today. It's one of the ports that was added to our cruise after NCL cancelled Santorini. I really wanted to see Santorini again, but after visiting Krka, I'm finally ok with the itinerary change.

I've seen pictures of Krka online, but nothing could prepare me for the incredible beauty of the park. I heard the rushing water before I saw the falls. It was like music to my ears. Powerful, rushing water. But once I turned the corner and got my first look at the green, crystal clear waters - I fell in love. I can truly say that this was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in all my travels.

If you ever have the chance to visit - don't hesitate. I've tried to capture the beauty of the falls, but even as I look at the final image, I can see that it doesn't quite capture how incredibly beautiful it was. What a fantastic day! Well, there's a Mai Tai waiting for me by the pool. I hope you enjoy the image of Krka.

See you soon!

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