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Lighthouses From Italy, Croatia and Montenegro

I collect pictures of lighthouses that I've seen during our travels. They can be fun to spot while you're on a cruise as they often come up unexpectedly, so you've always got to have a camera ready. You rarely see them in their best light (no pun intended), you've just got to shoot them as you sail by. Here are the lighthouses we saw on our last trip.

On the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, across from St. Mark's Square in Venice there are two white towers that look like lighthouses, and they do illuminate them, so I'm going to include them in this post. I'm not sure that they're technically lighthouses - but I like them (and this shot) so here they are:

On the island of Lido, Italy, not far from Venice, is the Lido Molo Sud lighthouse:

Our first port on the cruise was Dubrovnik, Croatia, and this is the Otočić Daksa lighthouse. We sailed past this lighthouse as we were sitting down to breakfast. Luckily I had my camera with me:

In the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, we cruised past Our Lady of the Angel church and lighthouse. This is probably one of the prettiest lighthouse locations I've ever seen. This image was taken from our balcony. Luckily we were on the right side of the ship to see it:

When we visited Split, Croatia, we docked at the Split Lighthouse. Unfortunately, graffiti is everywhere:

When leaving Split, Croatia, we passed the island of Hvar and the Sucuraj Lighthouse. Pretty amazing scenery - right?:

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