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Images from Montenegro

Montenegro - I wish we had more time in this breathtaking port. Mountains, clear blue-green water, ruins, and red tiled roofs. It was lovely.

Arriving In the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, we sailed past Our Lady of the Angel church and lighthouse.

We were treated to some glorious reflections along the coastline.

Architecture in the medieval town of Budva.

Thatched umbrellas dot the local beach in Budva. I loved all the shadow circles on the sand.

The beautiful island hotel of Sveti Stephan.

Very high, very steep, very rocky mountains surround the town of Kotor in Montenegro. This image was taken from the Old Town walls.

Winding up the side of the mountain are trails that you can hike up which I'm sure give you an amazing view of the harbor and city. We didn't climb up those trails. It would have taken us longer than the 5 short hours we had in port.

Our last view of Montenegro as we sail towards Athens, Greece.

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