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Revisiting A Very Old Image

Sometimes I like to go into old folders in Lightroom to reminisce about places I've been and things I've seen. In October 2008 I went to the Tetons for one of my first workshops. I was shooting with a Nikon D80 at the time.

The raw images are not good. The exposure is off, and they're full of dust specks - as I had no idea how to clean my sensor back then. These images have been sitting in Lightroom for almost 9 years. I deleted a lot of them over the years, but some of them I couldn't bear to part with.

I pulled this image into Photoshop and made the following adjustments:

1. Cloned out all my dust specks.

2. Ran the image through Topaz DeNoise.

3. Adjusted my exposure, highlights and shadows.

4. Changed my color profile to LAB and made the adjustments mentioned in my previous post.

5. Ran the image through Nix Color Effects - Detail Extractor.

6. Sharpened.

7. A last minute change was to clone out the distracting tree in the cabin roof line.

Here's the image before any adjustments. See how drab it is? Just look at all those dust specks in the sky! :-)

And here is the image after making the adjustments mentioned above. Isn't Photoshop a wonderful thing?!?

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