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Another Trip to Longwood Gardens

I took another trip to Longwood Gardens on Wednesday. The weather was - perfect! Mostly cloudy with a very light intermittent breeze.

There's a beautiful hedge of lilacs, but I wasn't able to get to them during the last trip because that area is still under construction where they're updating the fountains. I asked a volunteer if there were any more lilacs in the garden, and he told me if I went into the topiary area, I'd be able to get to the lilacs from the opposite side.

I'm so thankful I spoke to him. They had several different varieties, and the air was heavy with their fragrance. This image is my favorite. It's a variety with double blooms. Isn't it beautiful?

Camera Settings:

Exposure: 1/50 sec at f/11 (on tripod)

Focal Length: 105 mm

ISO: 400


I only made a few adjustments to this image:

- Nik Detail Extractor, just on the foreground flowers and leaves, 17%.

- Topaz Impressions 2 - Concrete Chalk layer mask on the background at 35%.

(Clicking on the image will open a new full-sized window for viewing or purchase.)

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