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Images from Dubrovnik, Croatia

The first port on our cruise was Dubrovnik, Croatia. In Dubrovnik we rode on a cable car to the top if this hill where we were treated to this amazing view of Old Town Dubrovnik, that is totally surrounded by it's original medieval walls. There is a wonderful visitor's center at the top of hill, where we sat down to a variety of breads, cheeses, olive oil, and wine. While everyone sat down to wait for their refreshments to be served, I quickly ran down (and back up) several flights of stairs to another part of the overlook so I could capture this shot without the cable car wires in the way. Don't worry - I got back in plenty of time to enjoy my wine. :-)

Looking inland from the top of the hill is a very rocky, but equally beautiful view of the mountains. It's so hard to believe that only 25 short years ago this beautiful country was at war, with cannons dotting these hills.

A detail of some of the architecture in Old Town. I just loved the pigeon perched on top of the cherub's head. :-)

Orange tile rooftops in Old Town.

After our guide gave us a tour of Old Town we were left to wander on our own. We explored some shops, and wonderful cobblestone streets, then sat down and enjoyed a delicious gelato. We left the walled city and made our way to the spot the bus was due to pick us up, and I noticed that we were very close to the ocean. With Randy reminding me we only had 5 minutes until the bus was due to pick us up, I took a quick walk to the sea wall and was treated to this beautiful scene.

Back on the ship while waiting to set sail, we're treated to the setting sun on the beautiful Dubrovnik hills.

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