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Venice - Friday, 5/19/17 - A Magical Day

After returning from Burano, we had a quick lunch and retired to the room for a siesta. I awoke late afternoon to a storm brewing over the city. The wind picked up and vendor paintings and parasols started flying around the waterfront. The light started peaking under the clouds so I grabbed my camera and ran outside to see what I could get. The light was magical, but little did I know that there was more to come. A slight mist that only lasted a few seconds filled the air - but that was enough. I know you've probably seen this view a million times, but I don't think I've ever seen it with a rainbow. What a treat!

Here's an image from our trip to Burano. Getting up early when you're on vacation is sometimes worth it. We had a good hour to walk around the island and photograph before the throngs of tourists arrived. You don't need to go to Pisa to see a leaning tower. They're everywhere!

I'll post more images soon. I have 1,897 to go through and it's only day 3! :-)

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